ЕГЭ-2314 -Ответы


Задания 12-18



12. Why did schoolchildren like the new teacher, Mr. Sampson?

D) They enjoyed listening to his stories.



13. How did Mr. Sampson teach Latin grammar?

B) He asked the pupils to make up example sentences.



14. Why did McLeod write the phrase ‘Remember the lake among the four oaks?’

C) The phrase suddenly came to his mind.



15. What did Mr. Sampson do after reading the examples of conditional sentences?

A) He left the classroom immediately.



16. What was wrong with the paper written in red ink?

C) It didn’t belong to anyone in the class.



17. Who did McLeod see on Mr. Sampson’s windowsill?

B) A stranger.



18. Why did the boys never tell anyone about the incident at night?

D) They were afraid to speak about it.



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