Задания 18-26


I was happy to take part in the exchange programme and to go to college in Britain. An opportunity to spend two ___MONTH___ in London sounded fantastic. Our teacher told us that we ___LIVE___ in a student hostel. It was going to be ___CONVENIENT___ than staying with a host family as the hostel was very close to the college. When we arrived in London, the ___ONE___ thing we had was a bus excursion round the British capital. Unfortunately, when we ___PASS___ Westminster Abbey, it started to rain hard. We had to go down to the lower level of our double-decker and we ___NOT/MANAGE___ to enjoy the wonderful sights. Anyway, London is very impressive. People from all over the world live there. Some of ___THEY___ come as tourists, others choose this place to study or to work in. It is a dynamic multicultural city, though there ___BE___ so many historical buildings in it. Amazingly, many of the houses ___BUILD___ centuries ago!




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