Задания 18-26


It was a great day yesterday. My friends and I ___GO___ to see a performance at the Bolshoi Theatre. You certainly know that the Bolshoi Theatre is the ___FAMOUS___ theatre in Russia and probably in the world. But not everyone ___KNOW___ the history of the Bolshoi Theatre.

According to historical documents, it ___BEGIN___ in March 1776 when Prince Pyotr Urusov was granted Royal permission to build a public theatre in Moscow. Catherine II, Empress of Russia, was fond of arts. She ___NOT/MIND___ having a new theatre in her country. The original building of the theatre had a hall with almost 1,000 seats, a stage and an orchestra pit. Directly over the stage there ___BE___ boxes where the most noble fans of the theatre had their seats.

The theatre has changed several times during ___IT___ history. The building we can see today opened in 1825. It ___DESIGN___ by architect Andrei Mikhailov who was also the architect of the Maly Theatre. Since that time, the building has been rebuilt and renovated several times. Now it looks beautiful from the inside and outside. If I ___HAVE___ the opportunity to go there more often, I would do it every week.




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