Задания 18-26


I play the violin in the college orchestra. Last month we ___TAKE___ part in a music festival in France. I worried a lot before we left for France as I had never been away from home for so long. Mum tried to encourage ___I___. She said that we ___PERFORM___ well. And she was right. We performed very successfully. It was a great journey though there ___BE___ some things I missed very much while being in France. One of them was my favourite mug. Without it, neither tea nor soup tasted like at home. Another thing was the warmth. The floor in my room at home ___COVER___ with a thick carpet. In our place in France the floor was icy cold with no carpet at all. My ___FOOT___ were always cold. “If it goes on like this, I ___CATCH___ a cold,” I told my roommate, Cathy. “I wish I ___HAVE___ a pair of woolen socks. But I left them at home.” “You can take mine if you want,” said Cathy. I thanked her but her socks were two sizes ___SMALL___ than I needed!




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