Задания 18-26


In 2010, a terrible earthquake hit the Haitian city of Léogâne. It was the ___TWELVE___ of January, my birthday. It was a normal day in the morning. I ___PREPARE___ for my party when the earthquake hit. My first thought was that everybody was going to die. I ___NOT/UNDERSTAND___ what was happening. It was the ___BAD___ day of my life so far – I have never felt that scared!

After the earthquake I asked my wife:

«How are we going to go on living?»

«I have no idea», she said. «But we’re lucky. Our house is still standing, and thousands of people lost everything, even their ___LIFE___».

She was right. We had to help the others, so we decided to start a charitable fund. At first we ___GIVE___ it the name of ‘Hope’ but then changed it.

Now our fund ___CALL___ ‘Seeds for Change’.

We work with small farmers and provide people from rural areas with everything necessary for farming. They say it helps them a lot. Their gratitude is the best award for ___WE___. If we manage to involve more people in our fund, we ___GET___ more impressive results in the future.




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