Задания 18-26


Jenny loved climbing. It was a strange hobby for a girl and her family wanted her to stop it, but Jenny ___NOT/LISTEN___ to anybody. «There are still several trees in the garden I haven’t climbed yet,» Jenny said. One day, she ___CLIMB___ the apple tree in the yard, when she suddenly slipped and fell down. Jenny ___FEEL___ a terrible pain and started to cry. Her mum came outside and saw that her hand was swollen and looked dark.  «I wish you ___HAVE___ some other hobby!» she said. «Jenny, please, promise ___I___ that you’ll never do this silly climbing again!» Jenny nodded. Her mother took Jenny to the doctor. It turned out that two of the bones ___BREAK___. For the ___ONE___ time Jenny had a cast on her arm, from her fingers down to her elbow. For several weeks, Jenny had to have the cast on. It was a huge relief to get it off, finally. At last she could get back to her favourite ___ACTIVITY___ which were running, swimming, and climbing. But now climbing was out – Jenny was determined to stick to her promise. “If I break my promise, mum ___GET___ upset. And I don’t want her to feel like this.”




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