Задания 18-26


English, Welsh, Scottish… all these languages sound familiar. But I’m sure you ___NOT/HEAR___ of Cornish. I wish I ___KNOW___ it, like my Granny does. Cornish is a Celtic language, used in Cornwall, a county in south-eastern England. ___CENTURY___ ago, when the Anglo-Saxons invaded Britain, many Celts moved to the mountain areas. Some Celts even ___LEAVE___ the country completely and settled in France. Speakers of Cornish stayed in the south-west. There the language ___SPEAK___ until the late 1700s. But the number of speakers got smaller and the language almost disappeared. At the beginning of the ___TWENTY___ century, academics became interested in Cornish and started to study the ancient texts. From those old documents they managed to restore the language! Nowadays, if you visit Cornwall, you will hear a lot of it. The language is offered as an option in many universities, and students ___THEY___ choose to learn it.  Like I did. I think it’s the ___DIFFICULT___ language I have ever learnt, but it’s interesting and it sounds very nice. I believe the Cornish language ___SURVIVE___.




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