ЕГЭ-3365 — Ответы


Задания 32-38



  1. B) accompanied
  2. C) Moreover
  3. D) allowed
  4. A) instead
  5. C) fortune
  6. B) seeing
  7. C) doing



A new coat


At the weekend Dotty went to Anna for tea and Anna’s mother Miranda gasped when she saw Dotty. She had changed a lot. Anna had __accompanied__ Dotty to the hairdresser’s and now she had a very beautiful hairstyle with a fringe. __Moreover__, Miranda knew that the girls had bought a new suit for Dotty.

“You look completely different with your hair like that,” Miranda said approvingly, then, “Did you bring your suit with you? Anna told me how nice it was.”

Dotty waved a bag at her. “Yes, I did. Anna is going to let me borrow one of her coats which would match my suit. She says I’m not __allowed__ to wear this one now.”

“Well, I certainly agree with her on that point but I think you may take my woollen coat __instead__ of Anna’s. I never wear it any more so if you like it you’re more than welcome to keep it.” Miranda disappeared to return minutes later with a very smart swing coat in navy blue folded across her arm. “Here, try this on,” she encouraged and Dotty slipped it on. “It’s just perfect,” Miranda told her. “And I have to say it looks so much better on you than it ever did on me. Take it and wear it in good health.”

“But I couldn’t,” Dotty spluttered. “It must have cost a __fortune__ and I really can’t take it.”

“Of course you can,” Miranda said. What good is it to me, hanging in the wardrobe and never __seeing__ the light of day? You’ll be __doing__ me a favour taking it out of the way.” Dotty was really pleased with Miranda’s present.



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