ЕГЭ-3363 — Ответы


Задания 32-38




  1. B) Although
  2. C) seen
  3. D) according
  4. A) way
  5. C) permission
  6. B) hardly
  7. D) fault



A busy day


The January sales started and when the girls arrived at Browns department store, where they worked, there were a lot of people queuing along the street. __Although__ the time before Christmas had been very busy for shop assistants, they were shocked by such a big crowd outside the shop.

“I’ve never __seen__ such a queue! Do they think we’re going to be giving the stuff away or something?” Anna asked her friend Lucy.

“Well, you know what they say – the early bird catches the worm, and __according__ to the radio, some people have been queuing all night in London to get the best bargains,” Lucy said. “Let’s think positively – if we are busy, the time will go quicker.”

On her __way__ to the cosmetics department Anna was wondering if they would even have time for their breaks or lunch-hours. And she was quite right as there was no chance of a morning break but at last the girls were given __permission__ to go for a shortened lunch break and they met up in the staff dining room.

“My God,” Lucy said as they stood at the counter. “I’ve actually had two ladies almost come to fight over a dress. I could __hardly__ calm them down.”

“It hasn’t been much better in the perfume and cosmetics department,” Anna remarked. “I ran out of Chanel perfume within an hour and the customers got angry with me, as if it was my __fault__! I’ll tell you, at one point I was ready to walk out!”

That was really busy time for them. After all, the worst of the sales rush should be over soon.



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