ЕГЭ-3362 — Ответы


Задания 32-38



  1. B) However
  2. D) arrange
  3. A) permission
  4. C) at
  5. C) tell
  6. B) make
  7. B) inspired



A nice surprise


Dotty called her friend’s mother Miranda, who was really pleased to hear her voice when she picked up the phone. __However__, Miranda was surprised to find out that Dotty wanted to talk to her, not her daughter. Somebody had sent Dotty’s stories to the magazine and the editors sent her a letter offering to publish her work. They asked her to telephone them and __arrange__ a meeting in London. Dotty was curious if that was Miranda who had sent her story to the magazine. She quickly explained to the woman what had happened.

When the girl had finished, there was a silence for a moment before Miranda asked, “Are you very annoyed with me, Dotty? I know I shouldn’t have done that without your __permission__, but you have such a talent for writing and I thought you should be recognised. I’m not __at__ all surprised that the magazine wants to publish you.”

“No, I’m not annoyed. More shocked, I think,” Dotty admitted. “I’m not too sure about the trip to London though. To __tell__ the truth, I’ve never ventured that far away on my own before.”

“Oh, you’ll be absolutely fine,” Miranda said confidently. “But I could always come with you if you liked. I’m certainly not going to let you miss this opportunity. Look, why don’t you come here for tea after work tomorrow with Anna and we’ll discuss it then. But meantime __make__ sure you ring them first thing in the morning.”

Dotty promised her that she would and went to bed __inspired__ by this surprise.



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