ЕГЭ-3330 — Ответы


Задания 32-38




  1. B) arrived
  2. A) sight
  3. C) approve
  4. B) attend
  5. D) settled
  6. A) out
  7. C) made



Pierre and Faniry


At the age of twenty-one, Pierre – that was the name of the winegrower – had been sent by his father to spend some time with his uncle in Madagascar. He __arrived__ at the island and within two weeks he fell for a local girl called Faniry, or «Desire» in Malagasy. You could not blame him. At seventeen she was ravishing. In the Malagasy sunlight her skin was golden. Her black, waist-length hair, which hung straight beside her cheeks, framed large, fathomless eyes. It was a genuine love at first __sight__, for both of them. Within five months they were married. Faniry had no family, but Pierre’s parents came out from France for the wedding, even though they did not strictly __approve__ of it, and for three years the young couple lived very happily on the island of Madagascar.

Then, one day, a telegram came from France. Pierre’s parents and his only brother had been killed in a car crash. Pierre took the next flight home to __attend__ the funeral and manage the vineyard left by his father. Faniry followed two weeks later. Pierre was grief-stricken, but with Faniry he __settled__ down to running the vineyard. His family, and the lazy, idyllic days under a tropical sun, were gone forever. But he was very happily married, and he was very well-off. Perhaps, he reasoned, life in Bordeaux would not be so bad. Pierre thought he had married an angel, but soon he found __out__ that he was wrong. He had __made__ a fatal mistake in marrying Faniry.


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