ЕГЭ-3331 — Ответы


Задания 32-38



  1. A) choice
  2. D) occasion
  3. B) However
  4. C) turned
  5. B) enjoyed
  6. D) admitted
  7. A) at





Cathy spent many hours during her lunch breaks poking around the dress shops before she bought the appropriate outfit for the Trumpers’ housewarming party. Her final __choice__ was a sunflower yellow dress which the shop assistant described as suitable for a cocktail party. Cathy became fearful at the last minute that its lack of length might be too daring for such a grand __occasion__. But when Simon came to pick her up his immediate comment was “You’ll be a sensation.” His assurance made her feel more confident.

__However__, she forgot all her doubts the moment the butler invited them inside. While others drank champagne and helped themselves from the trays of canapés, she __turned__ her attention to pictures.

First came a Courbet, a still life of magnificent rich reds, oranges and greens; then a Picasso of two doves surrounded by pink blossoms. She __enjoyed__ looking at them but she gasped when she first saw the Sisley, a stretch of the Seine with every paint of pastel shading being made to count.

“That’s my favourite,” said a voice from behind her. Cathy turned to see a tall, dark-haired young man give her a grin that must have made many people return his smile.

“Quite beautiful,” she __admitted__. “When I was younger I used to try and paint a little myself, and it was Sisley who finally convinced me I shouldn’t bother.”

“Good heavens,” the young man said. “An expert in our presence.” Cathy smiled __at__ her new companion. “Let’s have a look at some more works in the upper corridor.”



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