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Задания 26-31



When was the parachute invented?


Have you ever felt like jumping out of a plane? Plenty of people have, but ___THANKFULLY___ most of them did it after parachutes had been invented. Leonardo da Vinci made the first real studies of flight in the 1480s. He had over 100 ___DRAWINGS___ that illustrated his theories on flight. He designed a parachute in the 1480s, though he didn’t try it out. Another ___INVENTOR___ , Faust Vrande, jumped using a similar design in 1617.

In 1783, around the same time as the first hot-air balloon, Sebastien Lenormand invented a parachute, which he demonstrated by jumping from a tree, but it was only four meters high. A few years later, having refined his design, he made a ___SUCCESSFUL___ jump from a taller tower.

In 1785, Jean Pierre Blanchard used a dog to test his parachute design. The dog was fine, and so was Blanchard when he used the parachute in 1793 to escape a balloon accident. These early parachutes didn’t catch on because there weren’t any flying machines around to make them ___REALLY___ useful.

The invention of airplanes has made parachutes important. Since then, their ___EFFECTIVENESS___ has been proved many times.



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