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Задания 26-31



2012 London Olympics


How has London 2012 changed the sporting map of the world? The United States won the highest number of gold medals and the most medals in total, with China dropping to second place on the medals table after unprecedented ___DOMINATION___ at their home Olympics in Beijing four years ago. The third place for Great Britain exceeded all ___EXPECTATIONS___. Previously, 2008 Beijing Olympics were considered the most ___SUCCESSFUL___ for the British with only the fourth place.

In 2008, Russia took the third place. This year, Russia fell out of the top three ___WINNERS___ for the first time since the end of the Soviet era. South Korea improved to the fifth, their best finish since hosting the Games in Seoul 24 years ago. For Australia it was a ___COMPARATIVELY___ miserable Olympics, where it took the tenth place. It was their worst ___PERFORMANCE___ in two decades.



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