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Speaker A: I’m a teenager, and I think I need a cell phone. For many of my friends, a mobile phone is just a cool gadget they can boast of in the company of their friends. For me, it’s different. I always have my mobile phone on me so that I can contact my parents or the police in the case of an emergency. I have even read it on the Internet that a cell phone might turn out useful to track a person if he or she goes missing. The world seems a less dangerous place with it.


Speaker B: I change my cell phone two or three times a year, whenever a new one appears on the market. I can’t say my parents are happy about that. But they buy me new ones because with their friends’ kids, the situation is just the same. I want to look good and feel cool, and I need a fashionable phone for that. If my friend has a phone which is better than mine, I feel uncomfortable. I think it’s normal for a teenager, and it’s the same with clothes and other accessories.


Speaker C: In my opinion, cell phones are nothing but a convenient way of communication. They were meant to be used as a way of fast, easy communicating. They are almost essential nowadays. I think now everybody has one because they have so many advantages. They are certainly a quicker way of communicating than letters or emails. And they are relatively cheap. Plus, you can play games to kill time when necessary, which is also important.


Speaker D: For me, cell phones are a great and cheap way of communication. But at the same time, I am getting tired of them as well. You see, you are never alone with a mobile phone. You can get a text message any time, even at night. People expect you to be within their reach all the time, and start getting nervous or irritated if you don’t answer their phone calls at once. In my opinion, it’s very stressful, and we really need to turn off our phones sometimes.


Speaker E: I love my mobile phone – it’s great! I can call anybody — any time, but what I love even more than calling is texting. A text message is a series of words sent to another person’s number, which depending on how far you are away from that person, can take a couple of seconds to get back to the person you want to send it to. If a person is busy, you can still deliver an important message without disturbing him or her too much. It’s really cool!


Speaker F: I think almost everybody has a cell phone these days. The important question is the following: Do you really need it, or do you simply want it? If you walk home from one place to another, it’s okay to have one, because it could be your lifeline. If all your friends have one, and constantly text each other and you want to text them too, then you want it, and it’s a completely different matter. I mean, you should treat it wisely, not like a toy or a flashy gadget.




A — 1: A mobile phone can make you feel safer.

B — 7: A mobile phone is another thing to show off.

C — 6: Mobile phones have many pluses.

D — 3: Mobiles are good but they have minuses as well.

E — 2: Texting is a useful function of mobiles.

F — 4: One should find a balance using mobiles.




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