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Speaker A: If you ask me, I think going to the gym is a bad idea. You can watch numerous videos on YouTube free of charge, or you can buy discs with classes of aerobics or yoga — they are really cheap. If you are a fan of training simulators or machines — again, you can buy your favorite ones. There are some small ones and they don’t look so expensive if you compare the prices with the ones for season ticket at a gym — plus, you save time as you stay at home.


Speaker B: If you ask me, I think everybody should attend a gym, if he or she wants to be healthy and fit. However, it’s not an easy task to choose a good gym. There are so many of them. Sorry to say, choosing a gym, many people only consider the location. That means – if it’s convenient to get there. That’s not a very wise approach. You should look for very highly qualified coaches and good training simulators, clean halls, and polite receptionists.


Speaker C: In my opinion, it goes without saying that one should go in for sports. The question is if we can do it at home on our own, or should we attend a gym. Everybody decides for themselves, but I think it’s much better to attend a gym. Why? Well, you see — it’s not simple enough to do some exercise. It’s important to do it correctly. If you do it in the wrong way, you risk getting an injury or a trauma. A professional coach can help avoid mistakes.


Speaker D: I know going to the gym may seem more expensive compared to working out at home, but I just can’t make myself to do any exercise at home. Every time I want to try to do some exercise, I find something else to do. There’s either a good film to see, or my mum needs help urgently, or my friends drop in unexpectedly. There is always something or somebody to prevent me from working out, or disturb me. Gyms and fitness clubs are much better.


Speaker E: In my opinion, gyms are very dangerous places, and attending them can ruin your health. First of all, most gyms do not ask for medical permission to work out, and you may not be aware of some health problems of yours, so you risk developing one, or making the existing problem even worse. Plus, I’m not sure about the hygiene in such places – it all depends on the cleaning service, which may be unreliable. I’d rather work out at home.


Speaker F: I find gyms and fitness clubs very nice places. First of all, they provide you with everything necessary for a work out. Secondly, there is always an instructor to help you, if you do something wrong. Thirdly, there are a lot of extra services provided, like a juice bar, shops with sports clothes or food, massage, a water zone and a sauna. And the last, but not the least, everybody likes to post his or her selfies in such places to get likes from their friends.




A — 5: Going to the gym is a waste of time and money.

B — 1: You must carefully choose a gym to attend.

C — 4: It’s less dangerous to exercise at a gym.

D — 6: A gym is good in terms of concentration.

E — 7: You have a high risk of an injury at a gym.

F — 3: There are many pluses about attending a gym.




Утверждение 5 1 4 6 7 3



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