Упражнение 1


этот, тот, эти, те — This, That, These, Those

Выберите подходящий ответ


1) (These/That) is my dog. Look! It is chasing a cat.

2) (That/Those) is my cousin and (those/that) are my friends.

3) Are (these/that) your trousers? Yes, they are mine.

4) “Hello Katya!  (These/this) is Sasha.” “Hello Sasha, nice to meet you.”

5) “Are (this/those) your socks?” “No, (this/those) aren’t mine. My socks are in my wardrobe.”

6) (That/those) aren’t my books. My books are in my school bag.

7) (These/that) is my car, under the tree.  The other one is my father’s car.

8) Who left (this/those) towel on the bathroom floor? Is it yours?

9) (This/These) is my favourite dress. I want to wear it to the party tonight.

10) “Is (this/these)  your book?” “No, it isn’t. My book is on the table over there.”

11) (This/Those) is my cat Fluffy and (this/these) are her kittens.

12) Is (these/that) your bicycle over there, near the tree?

13) (That/Those) are my classmates in the sports hall. They are waiting for the PE teacher.

14) Do you like (that/these) flowers better than (this/those) flowers?

15) What is the name of (this/these) song? I never heard it before.

16) (Those/This) is my pencil case, and (this/these) are my pencils.

17) (That/Those) clock on the wall never works. It’s always broken.

18) (These/This) coins are very old. Do you think they are valuable?

19) (Those/This) dogs in my neighbour’s yard bark a lot. They keep me awake all night.

20) I like (this/these) sweets better than (those/that) chocolates over there.

21) Maxim, is (that/these) you book on the table?

22) I don’t know who (that/these) boy is. He must be new to the school.

23) I found (this/those) puppy on the street. Can I keep it?

24) What is (those/this) and what are (that/these)?

25) Can you give (this/these) pens to (this/those) girls over there?