Упражнение 2


этот, тот, эти, те — This, That, These, Those

Выберите подходящий ответ


1) Are (that/those) your parents waiting for you by the car?

2) (This/Those) is my favorite part of the movie. It’s so funny.

3) (Those/This) is the wallet I found in the classroom. Who do you think it belongs to?

4) (These/That) cat across the street has stripes like a tiger.

5) Whose shoes are (this/those) by the stairs? Put them away.

6) (That/These) cookies on the table are mine. Yours are in the cupboard.

7) Do you know the names of (this/those) boys? I’ve never seen them before.

8) (These/This) cups are dirty. They need to be washed.

9) There was a picture of my grandfather on (these/that) wall. What happened to it?

10) We are lost. Ask (these/that) man for directions.

11) Look at all (this/those) people waiting outside the shop. There must be a sale.

12) Do you want any of (that/these)? If not, I will throw them away.

13) I don’t want (this/these) trousers. They are the wrong colour.

14) Can you see (these/that) sign? What does it say?

15) (This/These) are the sweetest strawberries I’ve ever eaten. They are delicious.

16) Do you think (those/this) phone here is better than (these/that) phone?

17) I want to buy (those/this) dress and (this/these) shoes.

18) I saw (those/that) film last year. It wasn’t very good.

19) It is just a guess, but is (this/those) the right answer?

20) How many oranges do you have in (these/this) bag? It’s quite heavy.

21) I’m sure (this/those) is the right address. It’s the only white house in the street.

22) Can you give me (this/those) books? They are too far to reach.

23) What time does (those/this) class begin?

24) What are (this/those) animals? I’ve never seen anything like them before.

25) Last summer, my family and I stayed in (that/these) hotel. It was very nice.