ОГЭ-3244 — Ответы


Задания 27-32


Yoga is a very popular activity and lots of people practise it nowadays. There is an opinion, however, that to be ___SUCCESSFUL___ in this activity you should start yoga in early childhood. This is not true! You can start yoga at any time in your life. What you really need is enthusiasm and a good ___TRAINER___ – yogis often call them a guru. Yoga is not a ___COMPETITION___. You can choose any pace that is ___COMFORTABLE___ for you. The aim is not to win but to make your body flexible and strong. It’s definitely ___IMPOSSIBLE___ to improve your body in a few days. It may take lots of time but it’s worth the time and effort.   Yoga is an ___EFFECTIVE___ way to relax your mind. So it’s useful not only for your body.



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