ОГЭ-3243 — Ответы


Задания 27-32


Last year I decided to take an English course in Britain. When I called the language school, the ___MANAGER___ explained to me everything about the school and the courses. They had an ___IMPRESSIVE___ range of courses — for all levels and ages. As for the accommodation, there were two options: staying in a student hostel or living with a host family. Naturally enough, I wanted to choose the ___INTERNATIONAL___ community of the hostel. However, because of my parents’ strong ___DISAGREEMENT___ with my choice, I had to stay with the host family. And I didn’t regret it! My host family was ___WONDERFUL___.  They told me a lot about their country and were very curious about mine. We talked a lot and when I came back home, I could speak English ___FLUENTLY___!



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