Задания 27-32


Olivia got a camera for her birthday. Her family was going on a trip to Washington D.C. and Olivia wanted to take pictures of the ___WONDER___ places she would see. The first place where they stopped was a sandy beach. Olivia took pictures of the ocean and the ___NOISE___ seagulls. The birds seemed to enjoy being photographed, but it was ___POSSIBLE___ to go too close to them. Olivia had to take pictures from a distance. Next, the family moved on to the centre of Washington D.C. Olivia’s heart was beating with ___EXCITE___. She got great shots of the White House, the Capitol and some other ___FAME___ buildings. ___FINAL___, it was time to head home. Olivia thought about how her friends would be surprised to see her pictures.




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