Задания 27-32


Father’s Day in the UK is on the third Sunday in June. We enjoy this day very much and always arrange a ___CELEBRATE___ at home. Our dad deserves it – he is the most ___AMAZE___ person I’ve ever met. He works as a train ___DRIVE___ and he loves his job, though it takes time and energy. He cannot spend lots of time with us, but when he is at home, we have a ___FANTASY___ time all together. Dad is a very ___CREATE___ person and often invents new games for us. There are three children in our family and we always prepare a present for our dad together. Last time it was a large, ___COLOUR___ book about the history of trains. The book starts with the invention of the first train and tells the whole story of the railway up to the present day.




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