1) __DOES__ (Do/Does) anyone know where the Library is?

2) Where __DOES__ (do/does) your cousin live?

3) When __DO__ (do/does) I have to do my homework?

4) __DOES__ (Do/Does) Alona have a cat?

5) Alex __DOESN’T__ (don’t/doesn’t) play the violin.

6) Where __DO__ (do/does) you go to school?

7) Who __DO__ (do/does) you think will win the match?

8) Where __DOES__ (do/does) Dmitry work?

9) __DOES__ (Do/Does) your aunt and uncle live in Saratov?

10) I __DON’T__ (don’t/doesn’t) like pizza.

11) Elena __DOES__ (do/does) exercise every morning.

12) Sonya and I __DON’T__ (don’t/doesn’t) have to wear a uniform to school.

13) My classmates and I __DO__ (do/does) sport on Thursdays in PE.

14) They __DON’T__ (don’t/doesn’t) like having lessons on Saturday.

15) __DOES__ (Do/Does) your brother like playing computer games?

16) When __DOES__ (do/does) your mother get home from work?

17) __DOES__ (Do/Does) Natasha have any brothers or sisters?

18) How often __DO__ (do/does) you go to the park?

19) Nikolai __DOESN’T__ (don’t/doesn’t) do his homework after dinner.

20) Why __DOES__ (do/does) Katya only shop online?

21) Who __DOESN’T__ (don’t/doesn’t) know the answer to the question?

22) I __DON’T__ (don’t/doesn’t) know his name.

23) __DOES__ (Do/Does) your dad like Italian food?

24) __DO__ (Do/Does) you speak English?

25) What time __DOES__ (do/does) the lesson end?