Упражнение 4




1) __ARE__ you American?

2) __IS__ your girlfriend German?

3) __DO__ you like sushi?

4) __AM__ I late for the lesson?

5) __DOES__ your mother speak Russian?

6) __DO__ we need more pencils?

7) When __ARE__ you going to football practice?

8) How old __IS__ your sister?

9) What time __DO__ you have lunch at school?

10) How often __DO__ you go to the cinema?

11) Where __DOES__ your cousin live?

12) Why __DOES__ Vlad always play with his telephone in class?

13) How often __DOES__ he visit his grandmother?

14) What computer game __ARE__ you playing at the moment?

15) __DOES__ she speaking Chinese or Japanese?

16) Why __ARE__ you always in a hurry?

17) Where __DO__ you want to go on holiday next year?

18) How __DO__ you say “Hello” in Russian?

19) What __IS__ your favorite flavor of ice cream?

20) Why __ARE__ they called “Hot Dogs?”

21) __DO__ I look like my mum or my dad?

22) __DOES__ he know the answer to the question?

23) What __IS__ the name of the tallest mountain in the world?

24) __DO__ cats really have nine lives?

25) __ARE__ dogs better pets than cats?