Упражнение 4


прошедшие простые неправильные глаголы

Заполните пробелы в предложениях с правильной формой глагола в прошедшем простом времени.


1) My mother ________ (forget) to buy some milk at the store.

2) Natasha ________ (write) a poem for her mother.

3) Daniil ________ (buy) a present for his brother.

4) My grandma ________ (give) me a book for my birthday.

5) Nikita ________ (build) a sandcastle on the beach.

6) My uncle ________ (teach) me how to drive a car.

7) Sue ________ (sing) a very beautiful song.

8) Sonya ________ (lose) her smartphone at the concert.

9) Mark ________ (be) at home last evening.

10) My grandparents ________ (come) to visit last weekend.

11) I ________ (eat) in the new café on Saturday

12) Elena ________ (go) to Moscow last week to see her grandma.

13) I ________ (understand) the question, but didn’t know the answer.

14) Vika ________ (see) an interesting butterfly in the park.

15) I ________ (know) the answer to the last question on the exam.

16) Denis finally ________ (get) the postcard from my holiday in Cyprus.

17) Who ________ (drink) all the milk?

18) Arina and Anna ________ (fly) to London last Saturday.

19) Zhanna ________ (forget) she has a test today.

20) My family and I ________ (drive) to Sochi last week.

21) Today, I am fine. Yesterday, I ________ (feel) a little ill.

22) Lev ________ (have) a hamburger for dinner last evening.

23) Olga ________ (make) borsch with her mum on Sunday.

24) Last summer, I ________ (ride) a horse.

25) Irina ________ (send) a birthday card to her cousin.