Упражнение 5


прошедшие простые неправильные глаголы

Заполните пробелы в предложениях с правильной формой глагола в прошедшем простом времени.


1) Who ________ (break) the window with that baseball?

2) We ________ (grow) tomatoes at our dacha last year

3) The puppy ________ (hide) under the bed.

4) Kostya ________ (swim) in the lake near his grandparents.

5) Anya ________ (draw) a beautiful picture in art class.

6) I ________ (meet) an interesting girl in the park yesterday.

7) Bogdan ________ (run) all the way home from school.

8) Valery ________ (leave) his smartphone at school today.

9) Who ________ (pay) for your ticket to the concert?

10) Alex ________ (sleep) in maths class today.

11) Julia ________ (do) her homework on the bus after school

12) The Mayor ________ (speak) to our class yesterday.

13) I ________ (spend) all my money on a new bicycle.

14) My mum ________ (take) my picture at the park

15) Dmitry ________ (throw) his sandwich into the rubbish bin.

16) I ________ (hear) you were moving to Moscow. Is that true?

17) I have a new smartphone, so I ________ (sell) my old one.

18) I ________ (read) that book last year.

19) Vera ________ (stand) in line for an hour yesterday

20) The boy ________ (tell) me his name, but I forgot.

21) Kirill ________ (find) a wallet in the park.

22) My new English course ________ (begin) last week.

23) Dad ________ (catch) the last flight home from Moscow last night.

24) Mum ________ (say) she would be home by 8:00pm

25) Dima ________ (wake) up early today.