ЕГЭ-3352 — Ответы


Задания 32-38




  1. D) keep
  2. A) look
  3. B) considered
  4. C) way
  5. A) making
  6. B) expect
  7. C) for





Mary wanted something to do, anything to do. Her reason was twofold: one, she wanted with good conscience to escape Glenda’s chore list; and two, she wanted to __keep__ her mind busy and off last night and Max’s good-night kiss. She looked at the framed photo of her and Glenda on her desk. It made her smile; they didn’t even __look__ alike though they were twins. Leaving of musing, she shoved the paperwork on her desk aside and crossed her ankles comfortably on the space she’d cleared. Then she popped a cold can of Pepsi, and __considered__ her situation.

The following day there was no __way__ for Mary to escape Glenda’s chore list; not if she still wanted Glenda to agree to throw a surprise birthday party for Max. After __making__ a phone call to Uncle Robert to ask him to check around and see what he could hear about a hockey fan named Perry, she reluctantly started in on the list of chores Glenda had handed her at breakfast.

It was a foggy windblown day outside just made for warm sweaters and socks, the comfort clothes she adored. Living in St. Louis, one could __expect__ the weather to change at any moment. Mary almost didn’t hear the knock at the door when it came so close after the thunder. She saw a good-looking stranger who said, “I’m looking __for__ Glenda.” Looking down at a piece of paper in his hand he read, “Her name is Glenda Johnson. Look, maybe I have the wrong address. This is some sort of bed and breakfast, isn’t it?”. He looked confused.



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