Задания 32-38



Прочитайте текст с пропусками, обозначенными номерами 1 – 7. Эти номера соответствуют заданиям 1 – 7, в которых представлены возможные варианты ответов (А, B, C, D). Установите соответствие номера пропуска варианту ответа. 



Daniel and Diana


Daniel and Diana were good friends. They had majored in economics at Bristol University in the early 1980s. Then Daniel met Rachel, who had arrived a year after them, and fell in love with her at first (1) ______. In Rachel he found everything he was looking (2) ______ in a wife. They married the day he graduated, and after they returned from their honeymoon, David took over the management of his father’s farm in Bedfordshire. Three children followed in quick succession, and Diana was proud when she was asked to be godmother to Sophie, the eldest. Daniel and Rachel had been married for twelve years; they (3) ______ ever quarelled. (4) ______ married couples were so happy.

(5) ______ Diane was regularly asked to spend the weekend with them in the country, she only accepted one invitation out of three. She would have liked to join them more often, but since her divorce she had no desire to take advantage of their hospitality.

Diane felt tired. She (6) ______ her work, but it had been an awful week. Two contracts had fallen through, her son had been dropped from the school soccer team, and her daughter had never stopped (7) ______ her that her father didn’t mind her watching television when she ought to be doing her homework. “I will survive.” Diana smiled and thought about Daniel’s birthday. She had forgotten to get him a present.



  1. A) view                                                B) glimpse                                  C) sight                                          D) look
  2. A) at                                                     B) for                                            C) after                                          D) into
  3. A) merely                                           B) nearly                                     C) closely                                      D) hardly
  4. A) Many                                              B) Little                                       C) Few                                            D) Much
  5. A) Therefore                                      B) Although                               C) Nevertheless                            D) However
  6. A) enjoyed                                          B) pleased                                  C) admired                                    D) approved
  7. A) saying                                            B) speaking                                C) telling                                        D) talking




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