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Speaker A: There are so many things around us that we don’t often think that the world would be better off without some of them. I think our life would be much better if there wasn’t a mobile phone. It really gets on my nerves when people use it every now and then without any need — like phoning to chat with your friends, to kill time on public transport or in queues. Mobile phones take up too much of our time and attention, if you ask me. I don’t like mobiles.


Speaker B: I guess the majority of inventions are useful. I can’t imagine life without a dishwasher or a microwave or a computer. At the same time, I know exactly which thing should never have been invented. This is weapons — nuclear weapons first and foremost. I don’t think people need an atomic bomb. It’s too dangerous for any country to use it. But you never know — people can be crazy. I would sleep much better if I knew there weren’t any bombs.


Speaker C: If you ask me, I don’t think people need climate control systems in their houses. OK. I know, when it’s scorching hot outside air conditioning sounds so good, but our biology teacher once told us air conditioning does more harm than good. Firstly, it is a perfect place for various bacteria dangerous for people. Secondly, a sharp change in temperatures, like entering a cold room after being in the sun, can cause lots of illnesses, like quinsy.


Speaker D: I know lots of people would say I sound absurd, but I do believe we could have a much better life without the Internet. Well, I know, it is a great source of information, but look people managed to be happy without it decades ago. They used to see each other more and spend more time outside and be more active. Now, everybody is glued to their computer screens, especially kids. The Internet has taken up all our lives and is giving too little in return.


Speaker E: Well, I have a little brother — still a toddler, you know, and I think he’s got too many toys. It’s not that he’s spoilt or something. Every kid I know has loads of toys — more than they actually need. I mean, of course kids have to have cars or dolls, you know, stuff for drawing and things, but those super toys like teddies which can talk, or dolls which can eat. I think parents buy them to have more free time for themselves…stealing this time from their kids.


Speaker F: I think life would be better without GM food. Long ago, when food was natural or organic, people didn’t get ill also often and there were fewer illnesses. I strongly believe that you are what you eat, and I just can’t stand people eating rubbish these days. Mayo…snacks…fast food. To make it worse, people have invented GM food. You may buy sweet corn and believe it’s good for you, but it’s not, as it’s genetically modified and people get overweight.




A — 3: It has changed people’s habits for the worse.

B — 7: It is simply a threat to our world.

C — 1: It actually can cause health problems.

D — 4: This invention is especially harmful to the little children.

E — 2: It could deprive little children of their parents’ attention.

F — 6: All in all, it has worsened people’s diet.




Утверждение 3 7 1 4 2 6



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