ОГЭ-3254 — Ответы


Задания 27-32


Shepherd’s pie started as an old English recipe. The pie gained ___POPULARITY___ in the middle ages. During the reign of Elizabeth I, mince meat pie became a must-have food, probably, because it was easy to cook, ___HEALTHY___ and tasty. Until the 16th century potatoes were ___MAINLY___ known as pig food. But later they were accepted as a ___BASIC___ food in Europe. The Shepherd’s pie recipe changed to include potatoes as an ingredient. And the fame of the dish doubled. Now Shepherd’s pie is considered to be a ___TRADITIONAL___ British food but similar recipes can be found in other countries, although they may have different names. In Canada, for example, a ___WAITER___ in a restaurant would present it to tourists as Chinese pie.



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