Задания 27-32


I arrived in Liverpool in the afternoon. It was a ___RAIN___ day but the weather couldn’t spoil my excellent mood — I was in Liverpool! Many people associate this city with the ___FAME___ musical band, the Beatles. It’s true, the Beatles are everywhere, but today it’s also ___POSSIBLE___ to imagine Liverpool without its other great passion: football!

The city is home to two teams: Liverpool and Everton.  Everton is older and was more ___SUCCESS___ in the past, but since the 1990s it has been Liverpool’s time to shine.

I’ve been Liverpool’s ___SUPPORT___ since I was a small boy. The team is based at the Anfield Stadium. I have watched games there twice.  It was very ___EXCITE___ and it was one of the most important memories of my childhood.




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