Задания 18-26


It was late at night but the light was on in Ted’s room. When I ___COME___ in, he didn’t even turn to me. I looked at his monitor and realized that he ___SURF___ the Internet for job vacancies.

“Why do you need a job?” I asked. “You ___EMPLOY___ by Mr. Green only a week ago as far as I remember.”

“Yes, I was. I got a job of a waiter in his restaurant. But I ___LOSE___ that job already. They said I was rude to a client.”

“Were you?” I was surprised since Ted was the ___PATIENT___ and tolerant person I’d ever met.

“Yes, it was probably rude of ___I___ to tell those ladies that I wouldn’t bring them anything else. Just imagine – they had changed their order three times! Each time they tried a dish, they ___NOT/LIKE___ it. When they said that for the ___FOUR___ time, I lost control. One of the ___WOMAN___ called for the manager and complained.” Ted nervously turned back to his computer. “I didn’t like that job anyway.”




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