ОГЭ-3111 — Ответы


Задания 18-26


Paul was going to be late for his morning class again. He ___DID_NOT_UNDERSTAND___ why it happened to him so often. This was going to be the ___THIRD___ time in one week and that was too much even for Mrs. Pitt. She was the ___KINDEST___ teacher in the world but Paul wasn’t sure that she would forgive him again.

“If I don’t invent a very good excuse, she ___WILL_CALL___ my parents.” Paul thought.

His parents ___WERE_NOT___ very strict people but they didn’t approve of Paul’s habit of playing computer games till late at night. As a result, he couldn’t make ___HIMSELF___ get up in the morning and was regularly late for school. Paul quietly opened the door and ___WENT___ into the classroom. His classmates ___WERE_WRITING___ something in their notepads and didn’t pay any attention to him.

Mrs Pitt looked at him and said in a flat voice: “You are late again, Paul. What ___HAS_HAPPENED___?”  Paul was not ready with an answer.



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