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Задание 1


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Dialogue A:

A: Excuse me! Where can I see the costumes from the Victorian times?

B: All the costumes are displayed on the second floor. We have an impressive collection of clothes from all historic periods.

A: Thanks.

B: If you want to take any pictures, don’t use the flash, please.

A: Okay, but I don’t need any pictures.


Dialogue B:

A: Look! Almost all the seats are full.

B: No wonder. The play’s been advertised everywhere, and people say it’s really good.

A: I heard excellent reviews, too. Good actors and amazing costumes.

B: It’s a historical drama. The costumes are very important, aren’t they?

A: Yes, they are. Hey, the lights are going down.


Dialogue C:

A: Can I help you?

B: Yes. I’m looking for a book. I need something on the history of traditional clothes in our country.

A: Let me look it up in our catalogue. Yes. We have the book – National Dress in a Fashion Context.

B: But, can I have a look at it?

A: Sure. It’s on shelf ten, here. I’ll get it for you.

B: Oh. Thanks.


Dialogue D:

A: I’m in two minds. I’ve always dreamt of visiting France, but on the other hand, these photos on the walls in your office are making me think about Italy.

B: If I were you, I would choose Italy. It’s Carnival time there. Colourful street shows, and people in Carnival costumes.

A: But the hotels must be very expensive in this season.

B: We can offer you a discount, but you need to make the flight reservations quickly. There are only a few tickets left.



A – 5: In a museum

B – 2: In a theatre

C – 4: In a library

D – 1: In a travel agency





Место действия

5 2 4




Задание 2


Тексты для аудирования


Speaker A: We’ve always enjoyed ice cream at school. It was sold in our cafeteria, and helped us to relax after a hard class or a test. Recently, ice cream was banned. The Head Teacher said that they stopped selling it because it contained too much fat and sugar. We were so upset. Ice cream may be full of sugar, but it made our school life a little bit more enjoyable. We hope that one day they will bring ice cream back to our school.


Speaker B: I’m not happy with the food provided in our school. Most of the dishes cannot be called either healthy or tasty. Our canteen food consists of fried chicken, greasy pizza, coke, sweet sugary drinks, and other fast food specialities. I’m sure it’s not cooked, but just microwaved. Everything tastes awful, like plastic. The food is so bad that even on the days I forget to bring my own lunch, I don’t buy it.


Speaker C: At my school, we only get twenty minutes for lunch. When the bell rings, everyone runs to the cafeteria. It’s always crowded and noisy there. There are not enough seats and tables for all the students, and I often have lunch standing by the window. There’s not enough time to eat everything, and I often have to throw away nearly half of my lunch. By the end of the school day, I feel hungry again.


Speaker D: Though there are lots of different snacks in our school cafeteria, I usually take a lunch box from home. Inside, there are two sandwiches, and two snacks. I like cheese or ham sandwiches, but sometimes my mum makes delicious sandwiches with tuna fish. The snacks can be different kinds — fresh fruit, puddings, chocolates, or biscuits. And of course, I always take a bottle of water.


Speaker E: When I got to school, I felt something strange in the way everyone talked and looked at me. I was a newcomer to my class, and hadn’t made any friends yet, or so I thought. In the lunch break, as always, I ran down to the cafeteria and – wow! – it was decorated with balloons. On one of the tables, there was a cake with candles. How they found out about my birthday is still a mystery, but I felt very happy about it.



A – 1: an unpopular decision by the school administration.

B – 5: the disappointing cafeteria menu.

C – 3: his/her lunch break at school.

D – 2: the kind of food he/she brings to school.

E – 4: a surprise for a special day.






1 5 3 2




Задания 3-8


Тексты для аудирования


Mary: Hi, Paul. Nice to see you.

Paul: Oh, Mary. Hi!

Mary: When did you come back from holidays?

Paul: Yesterday. I tried to call you to say “Happy Birthday,” but you didn’t answer your phone.

Mary: Oh, sorry Paul. It was a crazy day yesterday. I missed lots of calls.

Paul: Never mind. So, how was it? Where did you celebrate?

Mary: Well, it was hard to decide where. We expected lots of people to come. Our whole family — my cousins, and almost all my classmates from high school.

Paul: It was a big party. Difficult to arrange at home.

Mary: Yes. We gave up the idea of a home party at once. And we don’t have a garden to entertain the guests in. Dad suggested arranging it in the café, in the park nearby. But it had already been booked by someone else, so we agreed on a beach party.

Paul: An open air party was a very good choice.

Mary: Yes, but everything depended on the weather.

Paul: Right. A cold wind could spoil all the fun.

Mary: No, it wasn’t windy. The weather forecast had promised some rain, but fortunately, there wasn’t any. It was very hot, but nobody minded. We had lots of cool drinks and some parasols – large umbrellas – to protect us from the sun.

Paul: Did you swim?

Mary: No. The water’s too cold for swimming. We played volleyball a lot. My arms still hurt.

Paul: Any dancing?

Mary: No. It wasn’t convenient to dance on the sand. And we were so involved in the volleyball game that nobody wanted to do anything else. When mum suggested solving some puzzles, just to give us a rest, nobody wanted to.

Paul: And a cake? Did you get it there?

Mary: Oh, yes. It was a great surprise because the cake was homemade by my mother and my sister.

Paul: That takes a lot of time and effort.

Mary: Yes, and I’m very grateful to them. All my friends were really impressed by the cake. It tasted superb and it looked gorgeous. Mum and Kathy decorated it with fruit and chocolate decorations.

Paul: It’s a pity I couldn’t try it.

Mary: Next time, Paul. If I learn to cook one day, I’ll try to make something like that, but it’s not likely.

Paul: Okay. And what else happened when I was away?

Mary: Not much, really. Oh. I’ve joined an evening art class. Now we are learning to draw simple objects, like apples, vases, cups. But after that, and the teacher says it will be soon, we’ll be drawing landscapes and even portraits.

Paul: Will you draw my portrait?

Mary: I can try, but you won’t be happy with the result, I’m afraid.

Paul: I’ve seen a book recently. It explains how to draw different objects – fruit, flowers, and so on. It’s a pity I didn’t buy it for you.

Mary: Oh, never mind.

Paul: But I have a present for you anyway. Have a look It’s here in this jar.

Mary: It’s a gold fish — a new addition to my aquarium.

Paul: Yes. I hope it will enjoy its new home.

Mary: Thanks Paul. I’ll put it in there right now. It’s not very comfortable to swim in a little jar.





3. Where did Mary celebrate her birthday?

3) On the beach.


4. What was the weather like on the day of Mary’s birthday?

1) It was hot.


5. How did Mary and her guests entertain themselves at the party?


2) played volleyball.


6. Where did Mary get her birthday cake? The cake was

2) made by her family.


7. What new hobby has Mary taken up?

2) Drawing.


8. What present has Mary got from Paul?

3) A goldfish.



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