Упражнение 3


Нравится + -ing

Приведите глагол в правильную герундийную форму (глагол + -ing)


1) I like _________ (sit) in the shade on a hot summer day.

2) Olga doesn’t mind _________ (show) Lena her birthday present.

3) Pavel hates _________ (send) birthday cards to his cousins

4) My dog likes _________ (dig) holes in our back yard.

5) Emily and John love _________ (fly) on an airplane.

6) Alex enjoys _________ (run) in the park in the morning.

7) Dmitry likes _________ (teach) his dog new tricks.

8) The pupils hate _________ (wear) the new school uniforms.

9) Sveta loves _________ (write) to her penfriend in America.

10) Galina likes _________ (give) gifts to her friends.

11) Do you fancy _________ (buy) a new smartphone?

12) Misha doesn’t mind _________ (learn) new languages.

13) My father enjoys _________ (drink) coffee in the morning.

14) I don’t mind _________ (walk) t school. It’s good ecxercise.

15) Kseniya loves ________ (talk) to her grandma.

16) The boys like _________ (climb) in the big tree in the park.

17) My mum hates _________ (drive) in the city. There are too many cars.

18) I don’t mind _________ (standing) in line. I’m in no hurry.

19) Andrei always enjoys _________ (beat) his brother in a game of chess.

20) Do you fancy _________ (see) a movie with me this weekend?

21) My cat likes _________ (lay) on the floor next to me.

22) Albert and Sergei love _________ (throw) snowballs in the winter.

23. Gleb likes _________ (build) sandcastles on the beach.

24. Matvey hates _________ (go) to bed early at the weekend.

25) Alona loves _________ (spend) money at the shopping mall.