Упражнение 5




1) The monkeys __LIKE__ (like) bananas and the elephant __LIKES__ (like) peanuts.

2) I __EAT__ (eat) a hamburger every weekend.

3) I usually __DRINK__ (drink) water when I’m thirsty.

4) Pyotr __DOESN’T__   __SPEAK__ (not/speak) English very well.

5) Nikolai __MAKES__ (make) people laugh. He’s very funny.

6) __DOES__ your father __DRIVE__ (drive) very fast?

7) I __WANT__ (want) to join Daniel´s fan club.

8) Kira __DOESN’T__   __EAT__ (not/eat) pizza, but she __EATS__ (eat) hot dogs.

9) __DO__ your friends __SPEAK__ (speak) Russian?

10) Lydia __DOESN’T__   __WEAR__ (not/wear) new clothes.

11) Zlata __SINGS__ (sing) sad songs to her sister Susanna.

12) Artem __PLAYS__ (play) the guitar, but he __DOESN’T__   __PLAY__ (not/play) the piano.

13) Viktoria __EATS__ (eat) chocolate when she is sad.

14) Jack __PAINTS__ (paint) very well. I think he will be an artist.

15) Grigory __GOES__ (go) to the new football academy.

16) __DOES__ your sister __LIKE__ (like) ice cream?

17) Mikhail __DRINKS__ (drink) kvass every summer.

18) My parents __DON’T__   __GO__ (not/go) to work by train. They __GO__ (go) by bus.

19) Our cat __HATES__ (hate) dogs.

20) Where __DOES__ your mother __BUY__ (buy ) her clothes?

21) Nikita often __WEARS__ (wear) jeans and T-shirts. He never __DRESSES_UP__ (dress up).

22) __DOES__ it __RAIN__ (rain) a lot here in June?

23) Bogdan and Daniil __TIDY__ (tidy) their rooms every Sunday.

24) She __DOESN’T__   __READ__ (not/read) a lot of books.

25) I never __WASH__ (wash) my car. It’s always dirty.