Упражнение 3


наречия частоты

Поместите наречие и глагол в правильные места в каждом предложении.


1) Do you to the city centre at the weekend? (go/often)

2) Does your dog on the sofa? (sleep/sometimes)

3) Do you shopping with your mum? (go/often)

4) I porridge for breakfast on Monday. (have/usually)

5) I with my friends on a school night. (go out/never)

6) I do well at school. I bad marks on my tests. (get/hardly ever)

7) My granny loves tea. She it with her breakfast. (drink/always)

8) I don’t like football. I any games on television. (watch/never)

9) I like eating healthy food, but I a hamburger for lunch. (have/sometimes)

10) Mary to the park to feed the ducks. (go/often)

11) Kirill likes school, but he bad marks. (get/often)

12) My English is good, but I grammar mistakes. (make/occasionally)

13) Most sheep are white, but they black. (be/sometimes)

14) After school, the pupils in a hurry to get home. (be/always)

15) My dog likes playing in the garden. It dirty. (get/always)

16) I to buy flowers for my mum on her birthday (forget/never)

17) When I go to a café, I pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms. (have/usually)

18) It in the desert. (rain/hardly ever)

19) I bored when I go shopping with mum. (get/always)

20) When I walk to school, I money on the sidewalk. (find/sometimes)

21) Marianna is a vegetarian, so she meat. (eat/never)

22) Yegor is not very lucky. He the right answer on a test. (get/hardly ever)

23) Alec late for class. (be/occasionally)

24.) My dad has a good memory. He a person’s name (forget/never)

25) I sad when summer camp comes to an end. (be/always)