Задания 27-32


Koalas are cute animals. ___FORTUNATELY___, it causes them lots of problems. There are people who want to keep the cute exotic animal as a pet which may put the koala in a really ___DANGER___ situation. The problem is that the koala’s diet is very specific. To stay ___HEALTH___ they should only eat eucalyptus leaves. The leaves need to be young and fresh, which means a person who keeps a koala should also have a lot of eucalyptus trees. Andrew Page, a ___SCIENCE___ who has been studying koalas for years, says that it’s a bad idea to keep this animal as a pet. According to him, people who try to do it usually have very little ___INFORM___ about koala’s lifestyle. And their ignorance can often cost the ___BEAUTY___ animal its life.




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