ОГЭ-3274 — Ответы


Задания 27-32


Learning languages is important nowadays. It is interesting and ___USEFUL___. Language skills help people to travel, study, and establish ___PROFESSIONAL___ links with colleagues from other countries.  Some people say that learning languages is easy but others strongly ___DISAGREE___. They say that learning languages takes a lot of time and they are not happy with their progress anyway. Meanwhile, there are some strategies that can make you a successful language ___LEARNER___ and save your time. The first idea is watching films in the original. If the films are ___INTERESTING___, learning is just fun, not hard work. Online and live ___COMMUNICATION___ with people in the language you are learning also helps a lot.



Аудирование Чтение Языковой материал Письмо Говорение