Задания 27-32


It’s obvious that language skills are essential for everyone today. Foreign languages are very ___USE___ not only for travelling, but also for studying and building a career. There are lots of ___DIFFER___ ways to learn a new language.  However, everyone agrees that learning languages is ___POSSIBLE___ without dictionaries. The main job of any dictionary is to explain what words mean. This can be done via ___TRANSLATE___ or the unknown word can be explained in other words. It’s also good if the dictionary contains some examples of how the word is used – it helps to understand the ___MEAN___ much better. If you are a busy ___LEARN___, you probably prefer online dictionaries to paper ones. Online dictionaries are very convenient to use if you have Internet access.




Аудирование Чтение Языковой материал Письмо Говорение