Задания 27-32


The Nobel Prize is a very prestigious award. Alfred Nobel, a successful businessman and the ___INVENT___ of explosives, established prizes for achievements in science, literature and economics. Another award, the Oscar, is ___PROBABLE___ the most famous prize in the film industry. The ceremony is an ___IMPRESS___ event with lots of film stars. There are lots of musical awards – Grammies, Brits, and the MTV awards for music, the list is ___END___. In Britain, a writer who wins the Booker prize can expect to see their novel at the top of the bestseller lists and compete with ‘The Da Vinci Code’ for ___POPULAR___. The Turner Prize is an award for British contemporary artists, and each year it causes heated discussions. Artists get lots of money for their ___USUAL___ and sometimes even strange works.




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