Задания 27-32


Kelly’s family loved to watch football together. Sometimes they watched college games, but normally they watched ___PROFESSION___ teams play. This evening was special. Two teams were playing in the final match of the ___CHAMPION___. Kelly’s favourite team had actually got to the final this year, which ___RARE___ happened. «They’re going to win for sure! It will be ___FAIR___ if they lose!» Kelly thought. Watching the football game needed the presence of the whole family and lots of tasty food. So Kelly’s mum had made barbecue meatballs. Uncle Jolyon had brought a ___SPICE___ cheese sauce and chips. Aunt Katie brought some cakes.  When the game started, everyone cheered. It seemed to Kelly that every ___PLAY___ of her team was doing their best to win-win-win! And they did!




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