ОГЭ-3264 — Ответы


Задания 27-32


Most graffiti street artists are anonymous. However there are some artists who have become globally ___FAMOUS___. Like the twin brothers from Brazil who call themselves Os Gemeos. They paint everything from small images to huge, ___COLOURFUL___ pictures of people on buildings. Another celebrity among graffiti artists is Blek le Rat from Paris. He paints pictures of ___HOMELESS___ people. In this way he hopes to encourage residents to think ___SERIOUSLY___ about the problems of these people. Another well-known artist is Faith 47 from Cape Town. She paints big bright pictures of people and animals. The works of this ___PAINTER___ can be found on pavements, empty factory buildings, and abandoned cars. It is ___IMPOSSIBLE___ to predict how street art will develop in the future but we can be sure that it is here to stay!



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