ОГЭ-3263 — Ответы


Задания 27-32


In Moscow, there are approximately 35,000 dogs living on the streets. Some of these ___HOMELESS___ animals were born there. Others are just ___UNLUCKY___ pets that have been abandoned by their owners. For many dogs the city may be a ___DANGEROUS___ place to live in. However, scientists were surprised to find out how ___EASILY___ some animals can adapt to urban life. Some dogs have even learnt to use the city’s metro system! We still don’t know how the dogs find out when to get off the train. One ___SUGGESTION___ is that they use their excellent sense of smell to recognise the scents of their favourite destinations. Another idea is that they are able to remember the design of ___DIFFERENT___ stations and find the station they need.



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