Задания 27-32


‘Surfers Against Sewage’ (SAS) was founded in 1990 by water sports enthusiasts in the UK. They are an environmental ___ORGANIZE___ that tries to protect the UK’s oceans and beaches. They say that it may be really ___RISK___ to swim in the seas, and even sunbathe on the beaches because of the pollution. When SAS appeared, it informed people about the problem in quite an ___USUAL___ way. They went to public events with their surfboards and handed out leaflets. They ___QUICK___ attracted the attention of the media and people of Britain. They even managed to put pressure on the ___GOVERN___ to forbid dumping waste in the sea, rivers and lakes. The campaign was indeed ___SUCCESS___. Officials agreed to spend 8.5 billion pounds on cleaning up Britain’s seas and rivers.




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