Задания 27-32


Ray Kurzweil is a very popular figure in the field of science. He is a leading computer ___SCIENCE___ who has made lots of predictions about the future of humanity. So far he has written six books about artificial intelligence, and four of them have become ___NATION___ best sellers in the USA. Ray strongly believes that soon computer intelligence will be a billion times more ___POWER___ than the human brain. However, lots of experts don’t believe it and say that it is absolutely ___POSSIBLE___. Kurzweil disagrees with them and says that we are already a human-machine civilization. We already use high level technology to diagnose diseases, provide ___EDUCATE___, and develop new technologies. Kurzweil thinks that by 2030, computers will do more ___IMPRESS___ tasks. They will be able to understand ordinary spoken language and show emotions.




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