ОГЭ-3249 — Ответы


Задания 27-32


Recently my neighbour Michael Wilkins got a job in sales.  However, soon he found out that being a sales ___MANAGER___ did not make him happy. He had to work long hours, and the job was ___STRESSFUL___ and demanding. The atmosphere in the office was very ___UNFRIENDLY___ and the workers often quarreled with each other. So Michael decided to look for a more ___ATTRACTIVE___ job. In the local newspaper, he saw an ___ADVERTISEMENT___ from a pizzeria. It was close to his house and they needed a waiter. Michael decided to apply and didn’t regret it. “It’s good to feed people. I enjoy seeing them smile – it’s important, isn’t it?” Michael says. Next week he’s going to take a cooking course. On completing it, he will be able to make ___TASTY___ pizzas himself!



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