ОГЭ-3235 — Ответы

Задания 27-32


It all started in 1865. A group of Frenchmen were having dinner in one of the most ___FASHIONABLE___ restaurants near Paris. They talked about the democratic changes in the USA and wanted to support the American people. After a short ___DISCUSSION___ they agreed on an original idea. The idea was suggested by Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi, a sculptor and ___DESIGNER___.  He said they could make a statue of a woman holding the torch of freedom. It was an ambitious project and it was ___IMPOSSIBLE___ to complete it quickly. It actually took 21 years for this idea to become a reality. The French people raised money to build the statue, and, ___FINALLY___, in 1886 it was ready. On July 4, 1886 the United States received their ___AMAZING___ gift — the Statue of Liberty!



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