Задания 27-32


Last year my friend Mia and I went on holiday to Thailand. We stayed in a ___FAME___ resort which is popular with tourists. We were very ___LUCK___ with the weather and we spent most of our days on the beach. The ocean was ___FANTASY___ – the water was clear and warm.  Thailand is a former French colony and that’s why French is very popular there. Mia was delighted with this fact because she learns French, she wants to be a ___TEACH___ of French, and she was able to practise the language there. She is also interested in architecture and she found some fine examples of the French colonial style in Thailand. It was an ___FORGETTABLE___ trip for me too. I am a photographer and I took lots of pictures of people and nature. Several magazines found my photos ___INTEREST___ enough to publish. I feel very proud of that.




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