Задания 27-32


Axel is a 9-year-old Bulgarian orphan (сирота). He was adopted by a ___WEALTH___ western family. His new father works as a ___BANK___ in Sweden and he is quite rich. Axel ___REGULAR___ wrote e-mails to the director of the orphanage, Jane Smitova. He told her that he was saving his Christmas and birthday money to help his friends. Axel said that he wanted the money to be spent on presents for his former playmates. Later Jane said “I understood that ___FRIEND___ meant a lot to a small boy but I would never have imagined that Axel could be talking about such an ___POSSIBLE___ sum of money. It’s so touching and we are going to spend it in a very ___CARE___ way.» The boy saved £6,000.




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